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WHAT FOOTBALL MATCH? #itfc #uppaTowen

Oh fucking hell, Liz Kendall is still a thing and here is Labour back on its kicking poor people people thang:

Life on benefits will not be an option under Labour, says Liz Kendall | Welfare | The Guardian

My son’s home for a few days from uni and he’s only gone and grown a huge beard. I am so fucking old.😀🧔‍♀️

I like Brian Eno I don’t like Brian Eno

Brian Eno unveils new version of his iconic neon turntable, but you’ll need to move fast as only 150 are being made | TechRadar

“And we, societally, have turned our markets and businesses - private and public - over to arsonists. We have created conditions where we celebrate people for making “big” companies but not “good” companies.” This article is very good.

The Rot Economy - Ed Zitron's Where's Your Ed At

“What I am suggesting is that Adam Neumann doesn’t know anything about home ownership, or unclogging toilets, or toilets, or the regular experience of being a human. Yet he is given unfathomable amounts of capital to address problems related to these things, because he has the resemblance of the kind of messianic white guy that is able to take a product and sell it”

The Rot Economy - Ed Zitron's Where's Your Ed At

Risking the Wetherspoons app to place an order on match day? 😎

This WordPress theme looks good: one column, pretty simple.

[checks HTML] Ah, ok, the blog title is wrapped in an h6 to keep it small.

The new Gladiators is an absolute hoot. Clattenburg on top form.

Just glad there’s little to no interest in football on or Mastodon. My god, that was dismal #itfc

One thing I like about Beluga and Daft Social is that they’re broadcast only social media that build on web protocols.

The only way you can boost or retweet someone else is by hyperlinking to their post. The only way to follow someone is via RSS.

I occasionally recharge this iPod, one of the last Apple made. Invariably, I love using it, partly because I can comfortably hold it with one hand. The screen size is so small that it seems to simplify apps.

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It’s pretty arduous writing case studies for your professional site at the best of times, but a thousand or so words on Google Tag Manager…

(Still, it was useful work 😆)

Another day, another work subscription offering an AI feature (Siteimprove this time, with a feature called regurgitate, or something)

PageSpeed insights gives me a 98/100 SEO score even though I disallow the Googlebot from indexing my site 😃

As I’m writing a post about the Beluga app, I might as well use it.


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And that’s the last time I ever tweet blog 😀

Most SSGs can process data from an API, so you can already pull Beluga posts into your site. In this case, it’s providing an app for your static site.

It only integrates with S3 storage, but imagine the possibilities if it worked with Git. If you were using Netlify or similar you’d be posting directly to your own site, rather than S3 storage with weird URLs.

So it’s both a pretty amazing concept (self-hosted social media with an app) and a service with a very niche audience. The WordPress app does the same thing if you have a WP site, as does (albeit not self hosted). But if you’ve got your own static site like me, it’s great.

Big caveat with Beluga: you can’t add alt text to images.

And it works! Really well! Here’s a screenshot of that last post as a toot in Mastodon, and here’s the canonical link on my hosting:

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I’m using Beluga in the same way I use Pinafore or you might use the Twitter app to post to social media. I kind of stopped doing this by POSSEing from my blog to Mastodon and I’m not sure I want to get back into the habit again.

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Link: The case for .bar

This is a very good idea — one blog export format would make moving between a host of different services easier — but how do you get everyone using it?

Loving the Masters final coverage, especially the spot the celeb in the audience bit

I’ll probably write a post on this because I think it’s quite exciting… Beluga let’s you host your own social media posts/images and provides an iOS app for writing them. It only works with cloud storage ATM, but could also work with git storage and FTP in theory…

Bear with me, comrades. This is a Beluga post with a Markdown link in it. Policing the silence.

Policing the Silence

Going to hook Beluga up with to POSSE notes. Nice to be able to post with the Beluga app from my phone, and it’ll keep my blog RSS feed cleaner. Let’s see how it goes.

My notes will live on my Backblaze cloud storage.

leon -

Thinking about the Beluga RSS to to mastodon pipeline for POSSEing all those notes that take ages to write in Jekyll. Also keeps them out of the blog feed 🤔

Imagine if Beluga let you use Markdown.

dog is life

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